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Product design and development, including technical documentation

Send us your design, technical documentation or product and leave the rest to us. We will meet your specifications and deliver a high-quality, effective and timely result, respecting your individual requirements.


How does it work in practice?


You send us an inquiry, and we will prepare a technological machining process, create a time study, inquire about the required material and necessary cooperation, if any, and send you a price quote.


We start production of the end product, a verification batch, or samples, based on our agreement with you, the customer. Focused on accuracy and quality of production, we perform continuous monitoring and output inspections, utilize advanced calibrated measuring instruments, and on customer request we can prepare PPAP documentation, register products into the IMDS, and we are able to evaluate process capability values Cp and Cpk. In cooperation, we perform operations listed in our additional services.


After receiving your order, we prepare drawing documentation and workflows, select and procure tools, tooling, jigs and gauges, order specified materials from reliable certified suppliers.


Completed, suitably packaged and labelled products are handed over to you, the customer, or sent to a specified destination. If mutually agreed upon, the products can also be continuously collected directly from our warehouses. We provide deliveries to consignment warehouses based on call-offs or your online auto-replenishment system.

Product sampling

After handing over your available documents (drawing, sample, 3D model, rough sketch), we will consult with you and recommend the most suitable production technology.


Technological and design support


Our customers can rely on our technological and design support at any time, we will swiftly solve your problems and adjust production processes based on individual requirements.

Our machining operations utilize state-of-the-art tools with optimal cutting parameters, speeding up production, conserving energy, decreasing the amount of materials consumed and minimizing production waste, among other benefits. Not only does each of these optimizations provide our customers with economic benefits, it also helps decreasing the environmental impact of production. We always strive to maximize customer satisfaction with the final product, while at the same time limiting the environmental impact down to a minimum.


We will be happy to consult all the details with you by phone, electronically or in person.


If you have any questions or inquiries about your project, feel free to reach us!

Michal Šourek

Michal Šourek

Director and head of production


Phone: +420 777 008 683

Contatct us: Contact form

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