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About our company

AC Obrábění s.r.o. was founded in 1992 under the name Kovomechanika, and specialized in the development of technical and technological projects


During the course of its activities, customers began to voice interest in complete realization of entire projects, including part manufacturing and assembly of sub-groups. In 2001, as production expanded, Automatcentrum was founded. Due to its focus on the automotive industry, the company has been transformed into AC Obrábění s.r.o., and since 2009 it is a holder of the ČSN EN ISO 9001 certification for metal and plastic machining.


Timeline of AC Obrábění s.r.o.

2022 - expansion of machine fleet

  • purchase of Swiss-type CNC machines CITIZEN

2021 - addition of new machinery

  • purchase of EMCO CNC machine

2016 - start of machine fleet modernization

  • purchase of Swiss-type lathes MANURHIN

2009 - company received ISO 9001 certification

2008 - company expands and transforms into AC Obrábění s.r.o.

2001 - company expands and renames itself to Automatcentrum

  • production using Tornos cam machines and MAS, SPRY machine tools

1992 - Kovomechanika was founded

  • design and processing of technical and technological projects



2023 - modernization of the control department and company operation

  • purchase of Keyence measuring machine

  • installation of automatic tool dispenser Industry - 4.0

  • installation of system for extraction and filtration of impurities

  • installation of system for production process online monitoring

2024 - rozšíření strojního vybavení firmy

  • nákup dvouvřetenového a vícerevolverového přesného soustruhu Miyano BNA-DHY3

Výrobní sestava

Hlavní hodnoty


is an integral part of our production process, guaranteed through the use of modern production equipment, experienced operators, and time-proven measuring technology.

Willingness to help

thanks to many years of experience in the field, and individual approach to your order, we can help you find an optimal and effective technological and structural solution for your product.


we will gladly adapt to your requirements, meet you halfway and increase production capacities beyond what was expected, and make every effort to ensure your satisfaction.

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001:2015 is an internationally recognized standard for Quality Management Systems (QMS). It is the most widely used standard in the world, with more than 1.1 million certificates issued to organizations in 178 countries.

AC Obrábění has been a holder of this certificate since 2009.

What does this mean for you, for our customers?

  • Products comply with legislation and your requirements

  • Materials, gauges and external cooperation originates exclusively from certified companies

  • We optimize and streamline production and internal processes

  • We eliminate production process risks

  • We follow our quality management system

  • Feel free to browse our services ... we will be happy to help!


Feel free to browse our services ... we will be happy to help!

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