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ECOLOGY and Environmental Policy

AC Obrábění s.r.o. is aware that its production related activities directly or indirectly affect the environment, and recognizes environmental management as one of the highest priorities of the company. We take measures to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible, to limit our impact on the environment down to a minimum, without compromising the quality of our products in any way.

Several years ago, our production facilities switched to a heating system utilizing a gas boiler room and condensing boilers with the highest possible efficiency, the building has been insulated by installing new windows, and our lighting fixtures have been fitted with power saving LED lights. We also intend to maximize the use of renewable resources, and prepare for installation of a photovoltaic system. Our production facilities are fitted with machines featuring state-of-the-art technologies with higher throughput, which reduce machining time and thus shorten the entire production process.


Příklad rekuperace elektrické energie

At present, we specialize mainly in machines with electrical energy recovery based on braking, where the recovered energy is returned to the grid. The machines are directly connected to exhaust and filtration equipment, which prevents contaminants from leaking into the air and separates the filtered oil, which is then re-used. At the same time, the machines are connected to an online production process monitoring system, which directly monitors their operation, and reduces electricity consumption. The system allows us to monitor immediate electricity consumption as well as consumption per each product manufactured.


The tools are dispensed using Matrix Maxi Touch automatic tool dispenser, which guarantees responsible tool consumption and prevents wastage. Our machines use environmentally friendly lubricants from certified companies, which also provide their collection after use, including their packaging.


Environmentally friendly cleaners are used in the final product washing step, and a specialized company performs their environmentally friendly disposal, along with other liquids used during production.


When packaging final products, we strive to prefer re-usable packaging materials. Unless the customer provides their own specific requirements regarding packaging, we prioritize the use of cardboard over plastics.


Employees are encouraged to sort waste responsibly, not to waste protective and work equipment, to try and conserve production and non-production inputs, and undergo regular training on preventive emergency plans, ensuring that negative environmental impacts are minimized.


Environmental policy is binding for all of our employees, and observing it represents a part of their basic duties. And although it is not a hiring criterion, 90% of our collective are non-smokers. AC Obrábění s.r.o. will continue to take a responsible approach to reducing its carbon footprint, take advantage of all possible means of environmental protection, prefer suppliers with the same goals and constantly improve the state achieved thus far.

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