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Quality is our top priority

We see quality as an essential criterion affecting customer satisfaction, which makes it important for future development of our company. In 2009, we have received ČSN EN ISO 9001 certification, and our quality control system fully complies with its requirements. Quality is our priority, and this is evidenced not only by regular quality certification, but also by successful customer audits. Quality control is carried out throughout the entire production process, from material input to end product shipping. Manufactured parts are subject to strict output inspection, records are managed and archived using a measuring and inspection protocol, which enables retrospective tracing of individual dimensions.

Quality control:

Kateřina Nigrinová

+420 483 396 600

We are a certified company


What measuring tools do we use?

Keyence IM-800

The Keyence IM-800 inspection device is capable of measuring up to 300 points in a matter of seconds. It provides a high resolution for both small and large three-dimensional parts, and triple detection performance. The light probe can easily, quickly and accurately measure parts with deep recesses, rounded edges and other features. The system automatically calculates and displays the most important statistical values for each measurement. To make searching for specific results easier, it automatically saves the current batch number, date and time of measurement.


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